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26 Apr 21

Five Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity

COVID-19 has turned the workplace norm upside down and suddenly millions of us have woken up to find our home is now also our workplace. So, just how do you continue to deliver, and deliver with great productivity and discipline, when the rules have so dramatically changed? [ more ]
Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan 18 Jan 21

Reinventing Normal: Why we can’t, go back to ‘business as usual.’

The restrictions, disruptions and challenges we’ve faced as a result of COVID-19 have forced us all to embrace new technologies, to experiment with new ways of working and to re-conceptualise what work/life balance actually looks like. (HINT: It’s more about blending than balance!) [ more ]
20 Dec 20

Offer Three Types of Learning to Your Employees... Or Else!

This pandemic is a perfect storm of three crises: a health crisis, an economic crisis, and a social crisis. Australia has done an incredible job of managing the health crisis, but the economic crisis is far from over. [ more ]
10 Nov 20

An end of year wrap with - "488 Rules For Life" (Copy 1)

.... Bring Kitty Flanagan and Dave O’Neil into your workplace [ more ]
Justin Langer 28 May 20

Justin Langer AM – Australian Cricket Coach

Virtual presentation/webinar “Managing/Leading through a crisis” [ more ]
Mark "Squiz" Squirrell 18 Mar 20


Leading Your Team through the Outbreak. [ more ]
20 Feb 20

Inspirational Olympians!

Olympic Speakers and sporting hero’s tell their story of commitment, dedication, goal setting and determination, persistence, adversity and success. [ more ]
Kemi Nekvapil 13 Nov 19

International Women’s Day 2020 “An equal world is an enabled world”

International Women’s Day 2020 - it’s the perfect celebration to engage an inspirational and engaging female speaker [ more ]
Jeff Thomson 17 Sep 19

Ashes insights with Australian Cricket Legend Jeff ‘Thommo’ Thomson

Whether it’s a breakfast, lunch or dinner there’s no better time to include living Australian cricket legend Thommo as your guest speaker. If there’s a Charity Golf Day coming up too imagine having Thommo in your group! [ more ]
Craig Reucassel 30 May 19

"War on Waste" with Craig Reucassel

Craig’s presentation highlights how consumer demand and behaviours are impacting our household and retail waste and how packaging and food waste are contributing to the massive volumes of waste produced each year. [ more ]
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