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Afterburner Australia NZ

Afterburner Australia NZ

Afterburner Australia & New Zealand is a team of fighter pilots who are passionate about helping business learn and apply the same techniques to achieve mission success that worked for them in their air force careers. Afterburner now share theirFlawless Execution model.

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Testimonials for Afterburner Australia NZ

Phil and Boo delivered a stimulating view of their world and certainly made me feel as though our challenges, albeit important, can be managed successfully by maintaining an unwavering focus on prize/outcomes

Wayne Gibson, Santos


A big thank you from the team at CRT for joining us at the recent National Conference in Perth. You went to great lengths to tailor your presentation to our organisation and it made your whole delivery more relevant to our audience. We appreciate your efforts and thanks to both of you for staying on to spend some time with our delegates on Friday night, and some of Saturday. Our delegates scored your presentation highly in our post-Conference survey. We very much appreciate your contribution to the success of our Conference.

Combined Rural Traders Pty Ltd


All dealings with... Afterburner, were extremely professional and organised (by far the best we have encountered). The presentation was outstanding and exceeded expectations.They were a pleasure to deal with at all times and our Franchisees found the presentation extremely beneficial to their business.

Lenard's Pty Ltd


We are exposed to many motivational speakers but none of them come close to the tailored and practical style of Afterburner. Your attention to detail and the depth of your knowledge of our business was second to none and was commented on by a number of members of the team. I have had feedback from our teams around the country that they have already started conducting briefing sessions, and indeed I have restructured the way in which I communicate with the team. It certainly says something when this type of response occurs unprompted.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Product Manger, Sanofi-Synthelabo

Afterburner Australia NZ Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Afterburner Australia NZ's Biography

Afterburner is a high performing team of fighter pilots who are passionate about helping people learn and apply the techniques they use every day to achieve a consistent mission success rate of 98%. It’s a program designed to make you and your team awesome!


A fighter pilots’ workplace is like no other. They operate in rapidly changing, complex and sometimes hostile environments, yet they consistently excel in achieving successful outcomes, they’ve developed the winning habit. Each fighter pilot is the product of a $15 million training program that pushes them to the limit of mental and physical performance.   They’ll share with you the four key secrets to increasing your performance and success rates by three times, what they call “3X”.


Afterburner lead speaker, facilitator and coach Christian "Boo" Boucousis was a fighter pilot for 11 years before becoming an successful entrepreneur and published author. With a passion for start-ups, growth and what makes people tick, he delivers a powerful human message through his company Afterburner Australia. What's the message? How to optimise the performance of all the people within your organisation by using the lessons learned in an environment that tests human physical and mental performance at the edge of the envelope, a high-performance jet fighter Squadron. What's the secret? A simple four step process that creates clarity, motivation, continuous improvement, agility and accountability for you and your team. 


Whether you are a leader or a valued member within a team, the methods employed by fighter pilots consistently deliver results, whether you are a high-performance sports team, a small organisation or a large complex corporation, there is something for everyone in an Afterburner experiential program. Why do Boo and his pilots love working with you? Because the feedback is always the same:


"Without doubt the best presentation we've ever seen"

"We've never experienced that level of engagement from our team before"

"We still use the fighter pilot methodology three years later"


Afterburner keynotes and experiential programs are ranked 4.9/5.0 on Facebook and Google by hundreds of participants,  not only is Afterburner the 'safe' option for your next event, the pilots will leave a lasting impression on your team and drive genuine results long after your event. The fact Afterburner continues to grow and expand its programs after 22 years is testament to the quality and durability of the content.

Speaking Topics Include

FLAWLESS EXECUTION – PLAN - Simple Six Step process that creates alignment, focus, clarity and accountability BRIEF - Clear and effective communication of the plan, and of expectations and requirements EXECUTE - Avoid the performance killing effects of Task Saturation and Distraction DEBRIEF - The ’Nameless and Rankless’ process of continual improvement where lessons learned are developed and incorporated


LEADING FLAWLESS EXECUTION FROM THE TOP- Leading Flawless Execution from the Top is a program aimed at the leadership in your organisation. In addition to delivering all the key messages of the Flawless Execution Key Note, it will equip your leaders with the latest strategy and alignment principals in use by top military planners.


OPERATIONAL EXECUTION AND SAFETY-- The Afterburner ‘Operational Execution and Safety’ Key Note is delivered by 2 Fighter Pilots: a main speaker and wingman. It is a high energy presentation, heavily customised for the audience and their industry to relate how the ‘Flawless Execution’ model, developed and proven in the Fighter Pilot community, actually applies to business. The presentation focuses heavily on the key messages of PLAN-BRIEF-EXECUTE-DEBRIEF and how they are used to promote both safety and effectiveness in an operational environment.