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Anthony Ackroyd

Anthony Ackroyd

Anthony Ackroyd defines his mission as being “To help as many people as possible have amazingly happy and successful lives by teaching them how to use the power of humour, laughter and creativity to their advantage.” In a stellar career spanning over there decades he has done just that as comedian, speaker and seminar leader.

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Testimonials for Anthony Ackroyd

Anthony's delivery was nothing short of sensational. He is a gifted comedian with superb talent and an innate ability to include the audience. Without exception my sales team were on a high after Anthony's act and to this day still comment on the night.

Mars Confectionery Australia


He had the full attention of the crowd of some 315 people who laughed and laughed and laughed. Surely the best possible recommendation for any comedian. The response since that evening has been one of universal agreement that it was TCA's best event ever. I have no doubt that the performance of Anthony was the main reason for that.

Territory Construction Association


An outstanding comedy performance, excellent material, they loved you Anthony!

Silicon Graphics


Anthony’s talk on the power of laughter was hilarious and inspiring! The standing ovation said it all!

Operating Nurses National Conference


Energetic, engaging, and of course extremely funny. Anthony is a convenor’s dream as MC.

Primary Principals Conference


Anthony was a masterful Master Of Ceremonies. He knows how to work, control, amuse, and inspire an audience. He is completely unique. We highly recommend him.

Australian Advertising Awards


Anthony has the sharpest mind in the business. He is the MC of MCs and is the go to man for any corporate event.

Australian Business Theatre


Anthony Ackroyd has been embraced by Australians as a comedian whose comic diversity has made him a legend on the comedy circuit and well known outside it. His comedy is witty, intelligent, and often centres around issues of everyday human behaviour. It's the sort of comedy everyone can relate to … There is an unavoidable element of truth in his shows which may be one of the reasons this man is soooo popular.

Beat Magazine

Anthony Ackroyd Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Anthony Ackroyd's Biography

In the corporate arena Anthony Ackroyd is one of the most in demand and accomplished comedians, and a superb MC. He is also an expert speaker on the power of laughter and humour and is recognised as a leading authority on the social impacts of comedy.

Anthony Ackroyd defines his mission as being “To help as many people as possible have amazingly happy and successful lives by teaching them how to use the power of humour, laughter and creativity to their advantage.” In a stellar career spanning over there decades he has done just that as comedian, speaker and seminar leader.

Anthony rose to fame on the ABC’s legendary comedy show The Big Gig and has performed in over one hundred TV programs, radio shows and feature films (he was even a question on Wheel of Fortune!). Anthony is currently a cast member of Australia’s highest rating radio comedy show Thank God It’s Friday.

Anthony’s quest to help people through laughter led him to spend several years as a clown-doctor, bringing the benefits of humour to sick children in hospitals. He has also worked as a humour therapist with people with dementia and disability. He is considered a leading authority on the practical applications of humour and laughter in business, heath, education and relationships.

The culmination of all this experience has been Anthony’s transformation into “The Laugh Coach”. Anthony is now an in-demand keynote speaker and workshop leader who teaches people in business how to increase productivity and profitability through the skilful use of humour, laughter and positive energy. The tangible results Anthony is helping businesses achieve are exceptional and he makes the process of achieving those results a lot of fun.

Anthony’s presentations are laugh packed and packed with incredibly valuable information for any business wishing to take their results to a higher level by having people energised, engaged, inspired and uplifted through the power of humour, laughter and applied positivity.

Anthony spent two years writing for a US sitcom, a spinoff of Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura movies.  He wrote the sitcom pilot Anthony for the ABC and wrote and starred in his own episode of the ABC’s Smallest Room in The House. He was chosen to write the Australian version of the West End hit Girls Night Out. Anthony is a screenwriter, professional editor and script doctor for film and TV. He has written monologue and music for his one man shows including Anthony Ackroyd in His Own Little World, Ecstasy and How to Get It, The Fruit of My Lions, and At Last The Truth about Everything.

Anthony is a regular contributor to print media. His feature articles have appeared in publications such as Vogue, Life Etc, Studio, The Age, Good Taste, and Good Weekend.  He is recognised as an expert writer on the social impacts of comedy and several of his articles on that subject have recently been published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Anthony is creator and CEO of Feel Betterer, a company that helps people feel amazing and do amazing things through online courses and digital audio and video products.

Speaking Topics Include

Stress Less Laugh More -  How to use humour and laughter to create happiness, energy and success in business - Let’s face it – stress sucks! It sucks the the energy, happiness and motivation out of people and prevents any business from reaching maximum potential. This presentation teaches potent tools and techniques for using the energy of laughter, humour and associated positive energy states to propel a business to a whole new level of motivation, engagement, influence, happiness and achievement in the workplace.


Humourvation – Using Humour toAccelerate Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are critical to the success of any business. Fresh ideas and perspectives are the pathway to creative problem solving and innovative new directions that boost productivity and profit. When it comes to generating creativity the utilisation of humour techniques may be the most powerful and fun way to tap the well. Edward de Bono: “Humour is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.”


The Power to Present – How to be a presenter who makes an impact

Communicate with purpose, presence and power in every facet of your presentation. Construct narrative and storytelling devices to create logical and emotional resonance with your audience. Impact through congruent body movement, gestures and eye contact. Influence audience responses through vocal energy, pace and tonal variation. Use slides skilfully and effectively to support, enhance and enliven content and structure. Master the power of challenge, questioning, surprise and humour. Avoid the most common mistakes of unskilled presenters.