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Anthony Bonnici

Anthony Bonnici

With over 13 years’ experience in the corporate industry, Anthony Bonnici offers a wide range of keynotes and workshops designed to improve performance and productivity. The Move Mountains experience have been enjoyed by thousands around the world.

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Testimonials for Anthony Bonnici

The session was fabulous! Everybody will talk about their experience for months/years to come. Thank you Anthony for your energy, enthusiasm & motivation!

Laurie Creasey, Schwarzkopf Professional


The Infomercial activity would have to be rated one of the best activities the team has done, it was great to see everyone come out of their comfort zone and get involved. A VERY fun activity! Well done Anthony!

Kelly Coleman, Events Manager, Commonwealth Bank


Once again Anthony provided a stimulating and productive session which culminated in a motivated and cohesive sales team. Anthony can work wonders!

Simon Abbott, National Sales Manager, Allergan


"The 'above & below the line thinking' and in particular the 'CAGE' — the self limiting beliefs were part of my team's language that afternoon when we looked at how our team could go from good to great. Overall, we felt that it was a valuable session to walk away with some practical concepts to work with immediately."
Priya Darshan, Sales Manager, Eli Lilly & Company

Anthony Bonnici Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Anthony Bonnici's Biography

With an extensive & unique range of keynote presentations and hands-on workshops, the Anthony Bonnici & Move Mountains experience will leave your people inspired to make positive changes to their work and personal lives by showing people how they CAN rather than CAN’T.


Anthony’s feature keynote Brain Blinkers – now available as a book – has toured around Australia and the globe. The Brain Blinkers keynote or workshop will help people recognise and remove the 3 key mental barriers to high performance and happiness, improving productivity, self-leadership and engagement in the workplace and beyond.


Anthony is a charismatic, dynamic & super energetic presenter who will leave your audience begging for more. Anthony has 13 years experience in corporate Australia in sales, marketing & people management roles. In addition to face to face selling for 4 years, Anthony turned “middle of the road” sales teams into high performing teams as well as looking after marketing teams with brands worth over $150 million. In 2005 Anthony left the corporate life to follow his dream of creating his own company to inspire and motivate others. He is at ease speaking to any audience, from truck drivers to CEOs. Anthony is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and has been “on stage” speaking & performing since the age of 10. Anthony’s use of real life examples with which all audience levels can identify makes his sessions unpretentious yet incredibly powerful & memorable.


Anthony also provides a range of team building and collaboration programs that are not your standard, run-of-the-mill ropes and races. From using right brain activities such as art and music through to developing TV infomercials, the Move Mountains Collaborate Programs are second to none.


Move Mountains has worked with tens of thousands of people in 5 continents in just 11 years of operation, and continues to wow audiences across the globe.


Speaking Topics Include

INSPIRE Sessions.


Diagnosing & Treating Attitude Sickness

Participants explore the concept of positive attitude and its impact on life outcomes. Framed in a light-hearted context of a "medical consultation", participants write their own prescriptions for positive change and attitude improvement.


The ME in TEAM

In order to understand the true impact of the individual in a truly cohesive and high performing team, we unravel the definition of "team", explore the 4 stages, and workshop the critical elements of a highly successful team.


Trust — the Forgotten Value

Trust has enormous impact on our results, relationships & retention of good staff. This unique keynote deep-dives into the meaning of trust, exploring the consequences of when it is broken and helps participants build trust in their professional & personal lives with the help of a novel implementation tool.


Is THAT What You Mean?

Poor communication explains a lot of things in our lives — including poor performance & failed relationships. This fun keynote explores how to use and interpret the 3 fundamental aspects of language — our bodies, the words we choose & how we choose to use them.


Disarm the Bomb — Resolving Conflict

Using the analogy of war, we explore how conflict can destroy working relationships, productivity and motivation in the workplace. Delegates learn how to disengage conflict by starting with the only real thing they truly control — themselves.


Making Goals Matter

Anyone can set a goal but how many goals become reality? This keynote goes above & beyond "SMART" goals. We explore how the subconscious mind plays the vital role in marrying "technical" goals with emotive performance drivers, to help make our dreams a reality.


Rich, Rapid Rapport

Rapport is the very first step in any relationship, and the step most often fumbled. We explore the critical success factors in building and maintaining rapport with anyone. We share practical tools & techniques that enable participants to improve their relationships & results through building rich & rapid rapport.


Why We Buy

Ever wondered how certain retailers can make parting with your hard-earned so easy & enjoyable? This unique keynote breaks down the most common consumer buying strategies identified through many years of behavioural research, and arms the participant with strategies & tools to take control of any buying situation.


Insert Disc: Change Management

By comparing the human brain to a laptop computer, this fun & light-hearted keynote tackles the heavy topic of change management and helps participants learn how to embrace change in their professional & personal lives.


We're ALL in the Selling Game!

Would you like YOUR team to think more about how they are "selling" to the end user? This keynote is perfect for customer service & other "internal" teams who don't believe they need to sell. We explore the basics of the game — the who, what, how, why & when and arm our participants with tools & belief in their ability to meet their customers' needs.


The Art of Self Sabotage

This keynote awakens participants to the one fundamental truth of stress — we bring it upon ourselves. We explore how to avoid hitting the self destruct button and deal positively with stress, anxiety & negative self talk to truly change our professional & personal lives.





Brain Blinkers (from 45 minutes to a half day workshop)
Anthony's most popular program, this internationally renowned keynote/workshop has delighted over 20,000 people across the globe in 5 continents. Anthony motivates people to change the way they think by helping them recognize and remove the 3 mental barriers to success. By identifying and removing limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and fears, Anthony can help .

Participants leave the session with fewer excuses, more motivation and a clear plan to achieve their work and personal goals.

Participants recognize and remove the 3 key mental barriers to high performance and success - limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and fear and receive tools to keep the learning real, practical and relevant for the long term in both a personal and professional context.


Building Organisational Trust (from 45 minutes to a half day workshop)
Most companies talk about trust in their values and mission statement, but very few implement programs that help build trust in their businesses. Anthony works with senior leadership groups through to business departments to build trust through understanding the 3 core components: meeting needs, managing expectations and delivering on promises.


Influencing Broadly (from 45 minutes to a half day workshop)
Anthony uses principles of NLP and behavioral psychology to prove to audiences that they don't need to rely on "positional power" to influence broadly. Anthony shares a powerful and highly implementable toolkit for people to improve their influence skills, including using verbal and non-verbal techniques, understanding the "hierarchy of status" body language model, and getting to the root cause of communication break down.


Move Mountains Infomercial (90-120 minutes plus time for showing videos at the end of the day)

A fun, engaging & team-focussed commercial creating program that really drives teams to work together, stick to their job function & create a high quality TV commercial under time pressure.

We break the group into teams where each team is given the task of creating their own 60 second "infomercial" selling a specific "product"; Each team will be given a digital video camera to record their infomercial; We appoint each team member with a distinct role & job description; We edit the infomercials into one show reel for the entire group to enjoy!.

·         Enhanced appreciation of the responsibility of each team member in the achievement of team targets

·         Clear roles, good communication = better results

·         We are all capable of incredible creativity and teamwork!

·         Deliverable - the final show reel can be edited that same day/evening to be shown during the conference. People just LOVE seeing themselves on the big screen!


Team Tempo (15-60 minutes)

Discover the rhythm of your team and unleash improved teamwork, harmony & communication.

With the help of internationally renowned drummer & percussionist Mike Hague, your team is hands-on with percussion instruments to create rhythms & beats that will astound all.

From a short ice-breaking session through to an intensive one hour team workshop, we can tailor the program to meet your needs.

·         A fun way to break the ice at your next team meeting!

·         Delegates learn the importance of communication, trust, harmony & role authenticity


Tailor a Tune (30-60 minutes)

Anthony & his team challenge your delegates to change the words to a famous song and perform the song live. A really fun way to tailor an activity to a conference theme.
Teams need to change the lyrics in line with your conference or team theme

Once completed, the team may record the song or perform it live

·         Strong focus on communication, team work & fun

·         Excellent way of merchandising your theme & team throughout the year in all communications!


Lights, Camera, Action (90-120 minutes)

Under the instruction of a professional actor, participants learn the finer aspects of acting & performing, from voice projection, physiology of excellence to improvisation and acting/reacting.

Each team will perform a skit in front of the entire group, with a significant twist added. Our actor will intervene at various points, forcing the participants to improvise in a fun, innovative and challenging way!

We will film the final performances and put together a show reel of their efforts

·         Participants learn the valuable tool of improvisation

·         Learn the importance of performing at your best at all times - life is a stage!

·         Deliverable - Each participant receives a copy of the summary show reel.


Move Mountains Mural (30-90 minutes)

Create a lasting memory of your time together through a mural that can be tailored to your specific theme/message/company values
Delegates are paired up & given a blank canvas with seemingly abstract lines on it. On the table is a mass of creative materials, scissors & glue.

Without knowing what they are doing, the group is instructed to create colour & content with their individual pieces, within the "framework" of the lines on the canvas. The canvases are in essence the building blocks of a larger mural which will spell out a certain team word (eg TEAMWORK, TOGETHER, POSSIBLE or a word of your choice).

·         Discover that the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts

·         Break down the "silo mentality" to achieve more

·         Deliverable - the mural is put together at the end of the session as proof that teamwork can create an incredible result.


Sing, Sing, Sing (30-90 minutes)

Take your team out of their comfort zone to produce a choral result they simply won't believe!

Our guest singing instructor teaches the group the basics of singing

The group is split into 3 teams and each team learns their part of a well known & fun song

After a number of rehearsals it is time to record. Using digital technology, we record each team's part of the song and mix down to a final group recording

·         Participants learn the basics of voice projection & vocal clarity which will improve their ability to present to and communicate with others

·         Learn that barriers are mostly INTERNAL - own them and deal with them

·         Prove that effective team work can create an awesome result

·         Deliverable - Everyone will receive a copy of THEIR CD!


Your Company’s Got Talent (120 minutes + performance time during dinner)

A combination of a number of our Move Mountains Collaborate products designed to showcase the talent of the entire group in separate team challenges
We break your large group into approximately 5 teams that will complete one of the following Move Mountains activities: Mural, Infomercial, Tailor a Tune, Lights Camera

ACTION & Quizmania.

Each team has 2 hours to prepare/rehearse/film their part of the talent extravaganza, and will perform it in front of the entire group during the evening dinner or Gala Awards Night. That way, this activity doubles as a fantastic theme for one of your conference nights!

·         Everyone is hands on, having fun, performing & getting a little uncomfortable!

·         A sense of camaraderie, purpose, competitiveness & teamwork like no other program


Luna Park Coney Island Challenge (90-180 minutes)

Utilising the amazing heritage listed Coney Island facility at Luna Park in Sydney, we offer you a completely unique and engaging way to build your teams and have some fun.

Move Mountains has joined forces with one of Sydney’s premiere entertainment and conference facility – Luna Park Sydney – to create a team building program like no other.

Teams compete against each other to complete 6 Coney Island activities under the watchful eyes of Luna Park rides operators and the program facilitator. We provide a running commentary and live score updates as teams battle against each other for Coney Island Challenge glory.

The program can cater for groups of 50 to 250 and can be augmented by first class food and beverage packages prepared by Luna Park caterers. It can run from 1-3 hours and can be tailored to your team needs. It is the perfect team building program to complement a day of conferencing at Luna Park.


Quizmania (from 30 minutes)
A crazy, tongue in cheek game show that entertains & engages the audience and provides a very unique channel of learning through the use of Q&A.

This session can be completely tailored to your needs, from question content and duration to audience participation. It can be used for 5 to 500 people so contact us now to discuss!


Musical Mayhem

Make your event a night they will never forget with a combination of a live band, interactive musical trivia and karaoke.

Each table competes against each other for musical supremacy with this unique & entertaining program. Utilising a world-class audience response system, Anthony (who is the Musical Mayhem MC and lead singer of the covers band, Squid Munchies) takes the group through a number of musical trivia rounds… with a difference. The live band is utilised to play different snippets of songs where teams need to guess trivia such as the name of the song, name of the artist, year the song was released, next line etc.

We incorporate bonus rounds for people who are game enough to sing the next line of specific songs. This becomes an excellent way to involve people and truly engage the group.

We can also add in as many of your own company or current affairs questions as you like, therefore tailoring the content of the program to make it more fun and relevant for the group.