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Frank Furness

Frank Furness

Frank Furness is a sought after motivational and after dinner speaker. His lively, enthusiastic and humorous style has inspired audiencesaround the world.

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Testimonials for Frank Furness

Your very accessible style made the information you shared with our team intelligible and easy to assimilate, and we still talk about the incredibly ‘simple’ approach you adopt to what is often considered the complicated process of doing business. Not without the elements of fun, your presentation was well targeted and well received, and we thank you for your insight and for presenting your ideas in a way that each delegate believed that they could take back with them, and move towards personal and professional growth and success
Jonathan Gerber, Managing Director—American Express & Seekers Travel South Africa

"What an excellent presentation. It was unanimously claimed as the best session any of the team had experienced. Everybody is charged up and my only challenge is to ensure that we carry through the great ideas you provided."
Alistair Altham, Group Marketing Director, Johnson Fry Securities Ltd, London

"I thought that your talk at our Management Conference at Twickenham Stadium was absolutely tremendous."
Jeff Travis, Chief Executive, Life Insurance Association, UK

After many years in the sales industry, it has been highly refreshing to find a professional who can rekindle the fire in our sales force. Frank's professionalism and knowledge of sales in my opinion cannot be equaled and since his motivational talk, there has been a dramatic increase in our sales figures.
Stuart Thomson, MD of PIC, Dubai

It was pitched perfectly & the feedback from both the audience & senior management was excellent. It certainly fired up the troops and they have gone back to their ‘dens’ with more focus, imagination and ambition
Becky Graveney, Sales & Marketing Director—Initial Style Hotel & Conference Group

“I’ve now seen Frank have an impact on three separate audiences from chief executives to people in their first sales role. He is always stimulating – with a great combination of practical sales knowledge, constant confidence-building, and an energizing presentational style”
Paul Vittles, Director, ACNielsen Australia

You are the king of the Easy, effective and on a shoe string marketing online.
Andreu Mateu Lamas, CEO, Dreams and Adventures, Spain

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Frank Furness's Biography

Frank Furness CSP is an internationally sought after motivational speaker. His lively, enthusiastic and humorous style has inspired audiences all around the world.

He is a specialist in sales, technology, social media and goal setting and how they work in tandem to produce great results for organizations.


He currently spends seventy percent of his time speaking internationally, working in fifty eight countries.


In 2007 he was awarded ‘Top Speaker’ for Vistage UK in 2011 inducted into the ‘Speaker Hall of Fame’. In 2013 he was recognised as ‘Overseas Speaker of the Year’ for TEC Australia and rated top speaker for Vistage Florida.


Frank’s books ‘Walking with Tigers – Success Secrets of the World’s Top Business Leaders’ and ‘How to Find New Business and Clients’ are International best sellers.

Speaking Topics Include

Managing disruptive change

The world is changing and so is the way we do business. We need to keep pace with disruptive change and how to adapt to the new and exciting opportunities available by implementing practical strategies.


This keynote will explore the challenges and opportunities facing businesses right now. This a totally practical session and delegates will leave with many ideas that they can apply to their business immediately.


This keynote/workshop equips participants with practical tools and techniques to enable them to discover the disruptive changes happening in business. They include:-







          Offshoring & Outsourcing

What will be covered:


Cultural: The world has become more global. Companies now have staff, customers and suppliers from different countries with different cultural differences. What do your employees need to understand to develop win-win relationships?


Generational: there are now 4 generations working together, all connecting in different ways. They have differences in work patterns, loyalty and motivation. What does your organisation need to do to harness and adapt to get the best out of all these generations?


Technology: What are the key emerging technologies, and how are they being used inside and outside your industry, company, and region to create advantages? Your business can now dominate Google, have its own online TV station and build its brand with the resources available, many free.


Business Models: Are there new business models emerging that you can adopt or adapt to deliver radical improvements in the way you and others do business? Will these improvements drive profitable growth by creating proprietary advantages in the way you do business? How can you become the ‘go to’ business in your industry and create ‘sticky’ clients by differentiation and service?


Globalization: What's happening in another part of the world that you could adopt or adapt in your environment? What are the proprietary advantages that you have based on your access to people, information, materials, or capital? Are new markets or businesses emerging in other parts of the world that create opportunities or threats?


Offshoring and Outsourcing: Are there opportunities to create value by outsourcing or offshoring activities that you currently perform inside your organization. How and where the best places to outsource are and the benefits to your organization?


Walking with Tigers – Success Secrets of the World’s Top sales People

This Keynote will provide the delegates with the knowledge, skills and practice to become powerful sales consultants. They will learn how to make an immediate and lasting impact and stand out from the competitors as well as reach and exceed targets.


In today’s society, the successful organizations have a unique ability so market and sell their products and services. ‘Walking with Tigers’ is a fast-paced, dynamic and highly informative keynote that covers ideas, techniques, tips and practical useful information. Frank has a proven record in sales (qualified amongst the top half percent of salespeople worldwide) and marketing and now helps organizations in fifty eight countries to improve their skills and bottom line profits. Frank’s research with 500 of the world’s top salespeople has enabled him to share their secrets and success habits.

The keynote shares how to:

          Recognize the three most important sales forces that exist in every organization & how they work in tandem to produce results

o          The Traditional Sales Force – Your face to face sales consultants

o          The Unrecognized Sales Force -  everyone not directly in sales but contributing to the culture & service of the company

o          The Unseen Sales Force – Your Internet, Social Media and Website presence

          Understand the traits of top sales performers

          Customer service and the impact on sales

          Harness the power of goal setting

          Create the habits of highly successful people


You can’t sell a Porcshe if you ride a bike to work – Getting the Sale


We have seen huge changes in the sales process over the years. It started with relationship selling, then moved on to solution selling. Following this was process selling….but the internet changed all that.


Now the buyer is in control, they rarely have time for relationships, already know our product, services and costs, so don’t need us to give them a solution. They also shy away from process step by step selling as they already know what they need, when they need it and where they can find it.


If we are still using sales methods of 15 years ago, we will be missing many opportunities.

Organization’s now have three sales forces:


The traditional sales force – they need to be versed in new sales techniques, understanding the psychology of buying (rather than selling) and moving from left brain to right brain sales strategies. They also need to be well versed with the latest opportunities of finding clients, including LinkedIn, Advanced Google searches and Twilert.


The unrecognized sales force – this is everyone in your organization who believes that they are not in sales, yet interact with clients daily. By developing a customer rather than operational focus and giving them the correct skills, you will have more ‘sticky’ customers that will stay with your organization because of the superior service


The unseen sales force – these are the potential clients that you don’t even know are looking for what you can offer. If you are not on the first page of Google (for a search term, not your company name), don’t feature prominently on LinkedIn and are not having conversations on the social media channels where your clients ‘hang out’, you will be missing massive opportunities. Smart companies are now using advanced online strategies like ‘remarketing’ and ‘embedded pixels’ with potential clients that have visited their website.

This presentation shares strategies and real life case studies of the successful companies that have adopted the new sales world and what your company could do to optimize your sales opportunities.


New media marketing

The world is changing and so is the way we do business. We need to keep doing what has always made us successful and also adapt to the new and exciting marketing opportunities available on the internet.


This session will explore the science of selling to the new generation of online buyers. 


It will share ‘attraction marketing’ strategies to build your company brand, drive traffic to your website, dominate Google and share the strategies of successful companies that are using ‘new media marketing’ successfully.


You can learn new, low-cost strategies for boosting your business with the minimum of effort and at the minimum of risk. These strategies are proven to work but rarely used because few business owners realize how simple it can be to increase sales - even during tough economic times.


This a totally practical session and delegates will leave with many ideas that they can apply to their business immediately.


This keynote/workshop equips participants with practical tools and techniques to enable them to discover:-


          How to dominate Google

          What makes great websites and what is required by clients as well as Google

          How to use audio and video to connect with online clients

          The power of video & YouTube

          Market online with little or no technical expertise

          Why and how to use the ‘Big Five’ YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn


What will be covered:


          Connecting with clients online

          How to drive potential and existing clients to your website using social media  strategies

          Search engines – how to dominate the first page of Google using Social Media

          How to develop online videos to market products and services

          The power of YouTube and how to embrace and use it effectively

          The latest equipment and software to create online videos

          What it takes to create a great video and video testimonial

          The emergence of the Ipad and Iphone as marketing tools

          What to do to get the most from LinkedIn

          Clever strategies to analyse what your competitors are doing online