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Keith Abraham

Keith Abraham

Inspiring audiences in 23 countries for more than 20 years, with a client base of over 300 companies, it is no wonder that Keith has won numerous awards including the highest honour for professional speaking, the Nevin Award, and Keynote Speaker of the Year by the Australian National Speakers Association.

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Testimonials for Keith Abraham

“Our time with Keith working on leadership and team building was a valuable experience for our newly formed team. We will continue to work with Keith as we journey forward. Keith is engaging, practical and in a short time made a big difference for our team on both an individual and collective level. I would recommend Keith to all leaders and team’s focused on growth and continual improvement.”

Pancho Gutstein General Manager Oceania, Puma


Keith is an exceptional presenter who has a great ability to acquire the knowledge of the business and to deliver a dynamic and engaging presentation to the audience. Keith stands out as a professional who delivers long lasting business results every time.

Woolworths Limited


Keith has shared his energy, sense of humour and business acumen with hundreds of my team providing tools that have led to life-changing transformation.

Ian Blair, General Manager Retail Banking, Westpac New Zealand.


I was stimulated, liberated and ultimately more inspired.

Steve Jones, Telstra


Keith was absolutely excellent, I have made recommendations to National about him, I would definitely invite him back



Keith's contribution to our peoples personal development has been phenomenal. He has been a catalyst for our people and our organisation to achieve measureable gains in performance.

Terry White Management Pty Ltd

Keith Abraham Travels from QLD
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Keith Abraham 's Biography

For over 20 years Keith Abraham has researched how top performing people harness their PASSION, achieve their GOALS and FOCUS on what’s most important to bring the best out of themselves and their businesses.

He has discovered the link between best performance, and people who are passionate about their life. Establishing true goal alignment enables an individual to live their personal, and professional lives energised, and with direction. Inspiring audiences in 23 countries for more than 20 years, with a client base of over 300 companies, it is no wonder that Keith has won numerous awards including the highest honour for professional speaking, the Nevin Award, and Keynote Speaker of the Year by the Australian National Speakers Association. Keith has published five books, in twelve languages, and is recognised as a best-selling author.

How would you feel in you were ahead of the curve, not just waiting to catch up but had moved forward, move up and moved beyond what you had ever thought possible? This is the art of mastering What’s Next! Once you know what drives you to go beyond your comfort zone, you can move from being successful in your industry, business or life to becoming truly significant.

All too often business leaders reach a level of success without truly becoming significant because over time they stop evolving. In other words they become stuck, stale, stalled and stagnant. This happens when leaders stop growing, they lose their initiative, entrepreneurial spirit or just get worn down by the business they love and the industry they enjoy.

When you are thriving you have momentum! The most effective way to create momentum is to let go of the memories of the ‘good old days’ and create a vision for the future and understanding the eight drivers that will propel you towards remarkable results.

For more than two decades Keith Abraham has researched what causes the top 10% of business leaders to become stuck, stale and stalled, and how to fix it fast! In his insightful presentations, Keith will show your leaders how to move from being the best, to becoming the greatest!

Your leaders will become compelled and committed to moving up a level by getting out of their comfort zone as they stop and think about what’s important and what matters for them to achieve massive momentum.

As Keith shares his four-part formula, your people will become clear, determined and focused on the right goals to achieve in the next 12 months. They will have the tools to achieve what seems like the impossible! Every business leader, business owner, sales professional or customer service champion needs to master three areas in their career and life ...




Mastering these areas enables you to move forward, move above and move beyond what you thought was truly possible. Take a moment to explore what Keith can bring to your

conference, event or leadership retreat.

Speaking Topics Include

PASSIONATE LEADERS - Lead yourself. Lead your people. Lead your business

In this session, Keith inspires your leaders to master leading themselves first. He helps them in understanding team dynamics, setting standards and identifying personal influencing skills that contribute to delivering the best opportunities to lead business growth and success.


PASSIONATE LIFE - Passion Plans Progress

In this session, Keith will share with your people the 3 simple steps to living an extraordinary life. Customised to your business, the ideas will relate to the industry your people work in every day and focus on real life strategies. Keith will explore the clarity gained around both their professional and personal lives, and how this will enhance their confidence.


PASSIONATE CUSTOMERS - Change. Connect. Capitalise.

Through years of research, Keith has discovered there are 3 strategic components to creating loyal, passionate and profitable ambassadors for business.

In this session Keith will identify opportunities, emphasise the importance of a service experience, and together, develop an action plan that can be implemented from the first day back in the office.


PASSIONATELY FOCUSED - Purpose. Productivity. Proactivity.

Based on Keith's 2017 book Focus this highly demanded presentation shares the 3 simple steps to focus on what counts, remove the distractions and silence the noise.

Keith helps you connect to what is important and provides the solutions for how to create momentum and make progress.