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Kurek Ashley

Kurek Ashley

Kurek Ashley is one of the most dynamic, in demand speakers and inspirational teachers of our time. He is a true visionary whose ideas have impacted the lives of millions of people around the world. Meeting Kurek, whether it is in person,...

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Kurek Ashley Travels from QLD
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Kurek Ashley's Biography

Kurek Ashley is one of the most dynamic, in demand speakers and inspirational teachers of our time. He is a true visionary whose ideas have impacted the lives of millions of people around the world. Meeting Kurek, whether it is in person, through his books or through his programs, he ignites the desire in you to want to live your life to the fullest and he powerfully gives you the tools to do it.

Kurek has an uncanny ability to connect with everyone in the room and every person in the audience walks away feeling as if Kurek was speaking directly to them. His passionate, raw honesty will take your breath away and his infinite ability to love will stir the depths of your soul and enable you to realize your greatness.
He is considered one the premier experts in personal development, self-discovery and peak performance. He currently has worked in over 14 countries around the world and gives up to 100 presentations a year.
Kurek is a Number 1 international best selling author of the book, “How would Love respond?”. Within four hours of the book being released it took the number 1 spot on Amazon.com bestsellers list for Hot New Releases, and Movers and Shakers. It grabbed bestseller status in ten different categories and on the Barnes and Nobles best sellers lists as well.

Speaking Topics Include

Emotional State Management and Attitude. Learn the importance of creating consistent positive winning thoughts and how to be in total control of your emotions and attitude.
The Comfort Zone. Discover the unknown rewards and benefits by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Remember there is no compensation for playing it safe!
Managing Change & Conflict. Discover what change means to you. Learn how to anticipate change and help it to empower your situation. Learn how to change around a negative situation into a positive one.
Effective Communication & Presentation. Learn how to communicate information effectively and efficiently to your employees, coworkers, customers, friends and even your family. Create a powerful presentation style suited to you. Learn to communicate information once and have people retain it!
Goal Setting & Achieving. Learn how to set your most ultimate goals and develop a step by step plan of achieving them. Discover the importance behind the journey of getting to your goals and your purpose for having each goal.
Peak Performance & Self Mastery. Learn to live your life with maximum energy and play full out. Create a desire for being a champion in all areas of your life.
Health & Fitness Well-Being. Create a healthy mind, body and soul through common sense exercise and eating regimes. Learn how to be in total control of your health inside and outside.
Self Esteem & Confidence. Learn how to develop charisma and self worth in yourself. Learn how to be confident and certain in any situation.
Creating a Super Sales Force. Learn how to increase your teams sales and attitude. Give your team the competitive edge and get them performing above the line.
Creating Loyal Customers. Learn how to serve your customer right and create a loyal customer in them forever. Turn your good customers into loyal customers.
Team Synergy. Create tightly bonded teams operating at peak performance levels.
Fear into Performance. Learn how to face your greatest fears and turn your obstacles into outcomes. Overcome limiting beliefs and barriers stopping you in life. This topic is great with a Firewalk, Arrow Break or Glass Walk.
Self Motivation. Learn how to become responsible for your own actions and be self motivated in any situation.
Work & Family Life Balance. Create stability in your life by managing your work and family life successfully.
Financial Wealth & Abundance. Create your plan to financial freedom and learn how to holistically achieve success. Learn how to feel enRICHed in all areas of your life.
Passion & Happiness. Create a passion for your vision in life and learn how to attain peak states of happiness.
Leadership. Learn the qualities of a true leader and how to become consistent with what you say you will do.
Love, Life & Relationships. Learn to have appreciation, gratitude and love in all areas of your life.
Create powerful relationships built on trust, honesty and communication.
Freedom & Time Management. Learn how to manage your time wisely, effectively and resourcefully.
Create a new life with 9 and a half extra 40-hour weeks a year.