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Laurie Lawrence

Laurie Lawrence

Successful athlete and World Champion Swim Coach, Laurie Lawrence injects motivation, energy and inspiration into all presentations. A powerful speaker, he will stimulate audiences to achieve excellence and strive for their best.

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Testimonials for Laurie Lawrence

“Laurie’s presentation as usual was excellent.  His ability to involve and hold delegates attention and concentration on his presentation is amazing.”
Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA)  

“Excellent.  Laurie Lawrence was a fantastic addition to our event.  Extremely enjoyable and motivational.  Re-awakened the pride I have in my country.  All delegates went through a roller coaster ride of tears, laughter and pride.  Excellent feedback and a great compliment to our agenda”
Crystal Decisions  

"Excellent.  His presentation & content of his talk was superb and all present raved about it.”
Brighton Rotary  

“Excellent.  Laurie was fantastic, one of the most inspirational and moving speakers I have seen.  I would recommend him to anyone.”
First National Real Estate  

“Excellent.  Laurie would have to be one of the best presenters I’ve ever seen.  His abilty to get a traditionally difficult audience participating and so totally engrosed in what he had to say was inspiring.  He held the audience’s complete attention for the entire presentation.  A real professional.”
National Australia Financial Management  

“Excellent.  Passionate, patriotic and motivational.”
Dalton Fine Paper

“Excellent.  Laurie enthusiasm and humour was just what we needed to complete our conference.”
Swann Insurance  

“Excellent.  Laurie was an outstanding speaker that helped set the mood for our best conference.”
Bandag Australia  

“Excellent.  superb presentation and very professional – Had the 500 person audience in his grasp and totally won them.  He gets better each year!”
Destination Events  

“Excellent. Laurie entertained us, challenged us, focused us and passed on just an ammense amount of drive and energy.  What an experience!!”
Buck Consultants 
Laurie Lawrence Travels from QLD
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Laurie Lawrence's Biography

Successful athlete and World Champion Swim Coach, Laurie Lawrence injects motivation, energy and inspiration into all presentations.  A powerful speaker, he will stimulate audiences to achieve excellence and strive for their best.  

There would be few, who do not know of Laurie Lawrence or his spirited personality, his sense of humour or his zest for life. For those who know him well there would be no disputing that his manner is direct, sincere and honest.  Laurie Lawrence is a remarkable Australian - a maker of champions, capable of lifting the spirits of those around him to soaring heights. As a swim coach possessing the gift of inspiration he is without peer, and his line-up of champions - Steve Holland, Tracey Wickham, Jon Sieben, Duncan Armstrong, Julie McDonald - bears gold medal testimony to his qualities.  

He has coached Australia’s elite swimmers at Brisbane’s 1982, Edinburgh’s 1986 Commonwealth Games as well as Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games. His coaching achievement boast twenty three world records as well as ten Olympic gold, 11 silver and 12 bronze medals from swimmers he has directly assisted. Most recently, Laurie Lawrence returned from the 2012 London Olympic Games as one of the Motivators for the Australian Team.

The business world and the competitive sports arena make similar demands for high individual achievement, which explains why Laurie today is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in Australia. Most notably, Laurie recently played a huge part in Australia’s success at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and the Sydney 2000 Olympics as one of the Australian team motivators.  

The cycle of business is no different to sport. It’s a cycle Laurie Lawrence refers to as “Dream, Plan, Work, Persist, and Refocus”. Dream, Plan Work, Persist, and Refocus – it’s a continuing wheel that just keeps rolling. Hard work, whether it’s physical or mental, stops when the training session is over or you lock the office. Laurie says, “Things of value don’t come by luck, they’re won by pain, persistence and sacrifices. Success is the celebration of preparation.”  

Laurie has adopted a simple and eminently achievable approach. In fact, his unique approach is all about making targets within anyone’s reach and not too unrealistic; as long as you’re prepared to work your butt off and are willing to stop at nothing to make it happen. Laurie often says, “It all begins with a genuine desire to succeed. If that desire is there, it can be transformed into success”. But these words alone are only a glimpse of the passion Laurie displays when sharing his true life stories with others.    

Laurie says, “Becoming successful means a big commitment, so you must have real passion. I’ve often worked over 100 hours a week; but because I love it so much, I haven’t really ‘worked’ a day in my life. If you’re an architect, for instance, and you don’t like what you’re doing, you’re probably going to design some pretty shabby looking buildings.”   For many, Laurie represents the beloved Aussie larrikin who loves an audience and a stage, but this is only a tiny glimpse of the man. He sets his goals and encourages those within his influence to work towards personal perfection. And not only is he in demand, he gets results. Laurie Lawrence is a True Australian in Heart, Mind and Soul.  

“STUFF THE SILVER - WE’RE GOING FOR GOLD” Can you feel the passion, the commitment, the desire and the success already?  
Does your organisation need an injection of new-found life, a lift to kick more goals or are you simply looking for some light humour to bring to your next annual meeting, conference or any event for that matter. Are you looking to boost sales, inspire your team or just purely bring out the best in people? Does this excite you? - a man who represented Australia in Rugby Union, coached World, Olympic & Commonwealth Games Champions, and still found the time for study, achieving his Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Teaching Diploma in Physical Education, and a Teaching Diploma.  

If this inspires you, then look no further, as you’re looking for none other than LAURIE LAWRENCE, the Master Coach, Master Athlete, Master Teacher, Master Mentor and MASTER MOTIVATOR.  

Speaking Topics Include

Striving for Excellence
The Will to Succeed
Stuff the Silver - We're Going for Gold