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Michael Duff

Michael Duff

Author, Coach and High Performance CEO Michael Duff is a consultant for high performance minds. Michael has built an enviable reputation as one of Australia's leading corporate coaches of the mental side of high performance human behaviour. A co-author with tennis legend John Newcombe ofThe Power Within:How to Create a High Performance Mind,

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Testimonials for Michael Duff

I have worked with Mike for over 10 years with many different teams.   Each time he has had a profound impact, helping us focus and improve our wellbeing which is so important personally and professionally in this fast changing world.

Vittoria Shortt CEO ASB Bank NZ


I’ve met very few people who really understand how to help people create what they want in life and then also leave them with the tools to keep doing it for themselves. Mike will help you to see that all you need for the journey of life, you already have!

Layne Beachley 7x World Champion Surfer


Mike understands what it takes to perform at the highest level whether it be in sport or business and he is able to communicate it in a simple and concise manner that everyone gets. I have seen the results of his work in others and it is brilliant.

Guy Leech - Australia’s Number 1 Fitness Guy


Mike Duff is an absolute legend. He’s one of those rare human beings who has a profound impact on people’s lives. I should know, he has been a big influence in mine!

Anh Dho  - Australia’s Best Loved Comedian


Woolworths has engaged Mike a number of times over the last decade across many parts of the business and his sessions are always the highlight of the program.  Mike is a naturally gifted speaker and his highly entertaining and engaging sessions help people understand their minds and operate at a higher level of conscious intent. If you want to achieve performance breakthroughs or big hairy audacious goals then Mike is a must have for you and your team!

Participants leave Mike’s sessions always wanting more and we have engaged him many times with many teams to take us on the full MINDsense journey.

Change is much easier to manage with teams and individuals that understand their own thought processes and learn how to silence the often resistant sub conscious mind. Mike’s approach is simple, elegant and highly effective!

Group GM - Safety, Health and Wellbeing Woolworths Group

Michael Duff Travels from NSW
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Michael Duff's Biography

The challenges facing the corporate workplace in the Covid and post Covid era will present an ongoing and changing paradigm for several years. How corporate leaders address these workplace challenges will have serious implications, not only on the bottom line of Australian companies but also the wellbeing and productivity of all their employees.

Working alone, feeling isolated, burnout, lacking camaraderie, reduced consultation and collaboration, insufficient guidance …. these are some of the threats to the modern work environment!

Michael Duff has the solutions!

Michael Duff’s MINDsense program will provide the tools to help everyone across all levels of a company overcome and master the environment we are all faced with today. MINDsense caters for C- Suite Executives, mid to senior level management and also offers a ‘whole of company’ solution.

Understanding and motivating changes for increased workplace well-being are critical for a company to keep moving forward, thriving and not just surviving!

Now is the right time to tackle these issues.

A co-author with tennis legend John Newcombe of The Power Within:How to Create a High Performance Mind, Michael has an inherent understanding of what it takes to be the best. He has worked for over 20 years with CEO’s and senior executives at many of Australia and New Zealand’s top companies, helping them to understand their own mindset and thought patterns and find 'flow' in their lives, enabling them to consistently achieve their individual and team goals while building resilience.

Michael has spent his career in the corporate world and understands the pressures and demands that executives face on a daily basis. His own corporate career saw him become the youngest ever head of an Australian professional sport when he became CEO of the PGA Tour [professional golf] at the age of 28.

After 5 very successful years at the helm of the Tour he then moved to tennis and spent the next 5 years running half the world for the ATP Tour, the global men's pro tennis circuit. It was during this time that he started to recognise the importance of mental strength as the key to a successful, balanced, achieving life.

With direct access to many of the world's most successful people Michael initially pursued his interest to understand what creates a sustained high performing mindset. In 2000 he started MINDsense to teach his insights to Australian corporate leaders; a Zen influenced common sense approach to living a stress free life while balancing the demands of life in the 21st century.

Outside the corporate world Michael also coaches a number of world class athletes and sporting teams.

Michael’s conference keynote presentations are regularly rated as the highlight of the conferences he is invited to speak at. He is a gifted speaker who weaves an amazing corporate career into his storytelling in a way that connects with, inspires, empowers and challenges his audiences.

Today leaders and conference organisers are looking for more than just a motivational spiel from their guest speakers. Michael will leave people with a greater level of curiosity to explore what is really possible for them and with an understanding of how to begin unlocking the power of their minds.

Throughout his career he has worked and become friends with some of the most successful people on the planet. He explores his insights in a very entertaining and thought provoking way while at the same time sharing his own journey with vulnerability, honesty and courage.

Speaking Topics Include

THE POWER WITHIN – How to Create a High Performance Mind

Ever wondered what it really takes to succeed in life? Those who have achieved their own success in life know that following the path of luck and chance is full of dead ends, failed journeys and disappointments. Success is a result of application and effort. What enables successful people to achieve their desired goals and more where so many others have come up short is their strength of mind, their strength of self and the simple clarity with which they see life. THE POWER WITHIN shares the insights from two very different successful people. One, a living legend who has harnessed this power to create an extraordinary life and the other who as a result of many years spent understanding how to access his potential and then teaching this to others has been able to transform his own life in a profound way.