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Natalie Cook OAM

Natalie Cook OAM

“Achieve your dreams”; “Unleash your power”.Five-time Olympian, published author and successful businesswoman – Natalie Cook OAM is one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the world.

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Testimonials for Natalie Cook OAM

"Nat Cook is amazing - absolutely hands-down the best speaker I have had the privilege to hear - such an incredibly motivating, witty and extremely entertaining speaker!"

Tourism & Programs Manager for Adelaide Oval


Natalie knows how to draw a parallel between the challenges in sport and business and can explain the formula required to be the best at what you do. Everyone enjoyed hearing Natalie speak. She has a relatable, lively approach, a great Aussie sense of humour, and a great story of 'dream, struggle, and victory'.

P.B. McKenna & Associates


“Excellent.  Her content was excellent.”

The Heat Group


“Outstanding. Natalie worked the crowd like a professional - she incorporated some of our key messages from our stand at the conference and was quick, witty and a pleasure to listen to. The clients loved her and everyone went away VERY happy.”


Natalie Cook OAM Travels from QLD
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Natalie Cook OAM's Biography

Five-time Olympian, published author and successful businesswoman – Natalie Cook OAM is one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the world.


Go Girl! Australian Natalie Cook clearly does just that. Not content with being a beach volleyball achiever at the highest level, no less than an Olympic Gold, Natalie’s motivational book “go Girl”, published in September 2001 is described as an “inspirational tale of courage and audacity”. On the cover, Natalie appeals to her readers “Achieve your dreams”; “Unleash your power”.


This full time beach volleyball professional lives by the credo and it has secured her a place in the Olympic annals. Natalie Cook first started playing beach volleyball in 1993 and turned professional just one year later. She has shared many of her career magic moments with Kerri Pottharst, including three 2001 World Tour podiums and four 4th places. Not bad for a season that could have been an anticlimax after snatching the Olympic Gold with partner Kerri Pottharst in front of a home crowd at Bondi Beach, Sydney 2000.


Shortly after the 2000 Olympics, Kerri Pottharst retired from the sport. But Nat went on to compete in another 3 Olympic Games (one with partner, Nicole Sanderson, and two with Tamsin Hinchley) before retiring after the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Nat has become the first Australian woman to compete at five Olympic Games: 1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens, 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Games. Few athletes can boast of even coming close to this incredible achievement.

Since retiring, Nat has written a book, become a proud mum and wife, and an international award-winning wellness coach.

She was part of the successful team who lobbied to get Beach Volleyball into the 2018 Commonwealth Games for the first time ever, and is currently lobbying for the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane, Queensland.

Natalie’s presentation will captivate the hearts and minds of her audience with her tales of perseverance, passion and determination. Renowned for “walking on fire” Natalie’s life philosophy of “NO LIMITS” is reflected in her achievements and general attitude to every situation. She will leave listeners with the skills and tools to tackle any situation in their own lives.

From corporate and leadership training, special guest cameos, keynote addresses on health and wellness, failure and resilience, to school talks and charity event appearances, (she even plays golf!) you too can book Nat to speak at your next event and give attendees something to talk about long after her mouth stops moving.

Through her authentic, lively and matter-of-fact speaking style, Nat knows how to connect, motivate and inspire an audience by sharing her amazing insights and transformative life experiences.

Over the past 15 years Nat has helped thousands of people achieve what they thought was impossible, and she can help you and your business too!

Beach Volleyball Host

Natalie winning Olympic Gold at Bondi in 2000, saw Beach Volleyball become a popular sport with the Australian public. People love getting sand between their toes and trying their hand at this fun-team sport. It’s challenging and great for team building also be a great team-building experience with tremendous rewards for your business.

What are the Benefits for Your Business?

Improved communication providing increased productivity

Re-enforcing teamwork to achieve an objective

Interchanging of roles can provide an insight into staff leadership skills

Re-energizing of staff. Physical activity improves health and well being

Speaking Topics Include




Sustainable Success

Resilience & Courage

Team Building

Health & Wellbeing